Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stop - Is this book finished?

     Actually, this scrapbook is finished. I'm sharing the restoration process in stages but I want you to see the final product. The binding millboard was torn and the front cover had come loose. I repaired the binding using duct tape, not bookbinding tape. Is Duct Tape acid free? Can't say for sure. But Duct tape is indestructible and in this case, I knew I would be covering it with the microsuede fabric. It will stand up to repeated opening and closing. When applying the microsuede I use a combination of red-liner or Super Terrific Tacky Tape which is a double sided tape with PVA glue.
     Be careful when adding the fabric and any trim. Keep the joint pliable. By joint, I meet the gutter formed where the front cover meets the binding spine flap. When applying the duct tape leave about a 1/4" gap between the boards so that the cover bends open easily. Then don't muck it up  ( a technical term) by layering tacky tape and glue and trim down the joint so thick that you lose bendability. I finished off the two holes for the ribbon with decorative eyelets. Note: The ribbon is not the sole binding cord. The cord is different. I'll talk about the binding in a later post.
     This second picture illustrates two sizes of sheet protectors. The smaller sleeve displays a corsage that had been dried between the pages of the original scrapbook. Amazing that it was still in tact after 60 years. Hopefully it will last another 60, now that it is protected.
     Remember, I told you that I combined the photos from an accompanying photo album into the pages of the scrapbook. My goal was to maintain the integrity of the original scrapbook design which contained all the spontaneity and randomness of a teenager. I was not concerned with "decorating " or embellishing the original designer's work.

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  1. Cynthia, I hadn't seen your book since you first started to work on it. The restoration of the pages is very impressive. I love the way you finished the cover...the whole project turned out wonderful.