About Me

       I'm Cynthia, an artist who transplanted from the Ozarks to the desert. I work with a variety of mediums, paper, paint, metal, fiber and am unable to limit myself. Admittedly, my studio contains bins of more supplies than I will ever use in this lifetime. In addition to scrapbookking, I dabble in altered art, paint pictures, and create collages. Plus, I fashion jewelry by crocheting wire, needle tatting with beads, and some bench work.  

     Genealogy is another interest--researching my generations back through the Ozarks to Arkansas, Tennessee and beyond. Genealogy is a by-product of the scrapbooking. I inherited a cabinet of scrapbooks and photo albums with notes about ancestors, notes lising family groups written in the recognizable hand of various family members. Except those notes from my Great Aunt Meda who typed her notes on her Smith Corona with the script font and green ribbon. But the mysteries remain. Who was Great-great Aunt Sinai in Mountain Grove, the ancient little woman my grandmother and I would stop to see on the way to Thayer? Was she really my grandmother's Great-great Aunt? Why did my Great-grandmother divorce her first husband back at the turn of the century? So many questions to intrigue an inquiring mind like mine.

     But I digress, I live here in the desert with Ironwood Bob (check the website), the wacky and wonderful artist/photographer and 3 cats. One cat, Poppy with fur as soft as an angora rabbit, is ours. The next cat Rizzie, came via my youngest daughter and is a long ambling Maine Coon. Finally, there is Punky, Bob's daughter's cat, a compact and sleek tuxedo cat who quickly negotiated rights to the cat tower as her own. To hear it, herding these cats is an exhausting task, requiring at least 1 catnap by all 4 at least once a day. Bob has a specially tuned didgeridoo to call the wandering Rizzie which shouldn't be too hard since the lazy guy never goes farther than next door.