My Restoration and Preservation Services

     I offer archiving services to restore and preserve old scrapbooks. I use only acid free materials and only the best adhesive, no glue sticks.   Each project can be so different that I want to start with an initial consultation to assess the damage and make recommendations. One option is to make copies of the photos, documents, and ephemera and work with the copies in reconstructing the scrapbook. Then the originals can be boxed separately. Another option is to use the scrapbook for the archival storage,  preserving everything closely as is, adding new adhesive, documenting captions written on the back, encasing pages in sheet protectors and repairing the binding as needed. Odd size and oversize sheet protectors are available. I have ideas for the best way to exhibit oversized documents and other odd ephemera and will make suggestions.

     The initial consulatation, whether in person or on the phone, is $30.00. The $30.00 applies to the finished price of the scrapbook should you choose my services. Know that in order to give an accurate and fair price, I need to see the book to evaluate its condition first hand. You may ship the book to me (insured/with signature) and I can ship it back. Or if you live in the area, we can meet in person. My portion of the shipping is added to the consultation fee and does not apply to the finished price. Half is due at the time of placing the order, the balance is due upon completion.